How to Fix Apple TV Wi-Fi Issues: A Complete Guide

How to Fix Apple TV Wi-Fi Issues: A Complete Guide Apple has claimed that Apple TV is all you have always wanted to see. The launch of Apple TV has given us access to a world full of movies, TV shows, sports music and more in an incredible 1080p resolution. They proudly claim that it is an experience, curated and personalized to help you discover your favorites on your screen in one place. It is a small and powerful device that can display anything from your Mac or iOS to HDTV with AirPlay. However, if you are facing any difficulty while connecting to the Wi-Fi or playing any of your favorite movies and songs on your Apple TV, do not worry. In this post, we are going to help you learn measures to get rid of issues related to Wi-Fi networks on your Apple TV. Check for Connections and Range Between Routers and Device Many a time, the issue can be as silly as a goose. Thus, make sure to double-check everything. See whether your router is correctly connected with the modem. If both the router and modem are connected, check whether the power is on or not. TV Repair. The distance between your Apple TV and the router should not be very short. Devices kept in a considerable distance can cause signal issues thereby causing conflicts. However, keeping it extremely near or within a foot of the router can cause network issues as well. Thus, it is better to keep the device within a normal range to avoid any network issue. Unplug and Restart Them All Restarting the devices may help in situations like these. To restart your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, follow the steps mentioned below. Go to Settings Then System and Restart. On the other hand to restart Apple TV (2nd generation and 3rd generation) follow the steps mentioned below. Firstly, go to Settings Then click on General After doing so, select Restart. Following that, unplug the cable or DSL modem and disconnect it from your router and plug it back in. Look for a Succesful Connection With Wi-Fi Check whether your Wi-Fi is paired with your Apple TV or not. If not, then connect it immediately. If you want to pair your Wi-Fi with Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, follow the steps mentioned below. Go to Settings. Then select Network. However, to connect with Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), first of all, you have to go to Settings and then General. Finally, click on Network. Click on the Wi-Fi network which you want to access and enter the username and the password for a successful pairing. Note: However, one thing should be kept in mind. Networks that require a secondary login is not compatible with Apple TV. This may require signing for the web page. This network is also called a captive network. It basically includes free and paid networks in business, apartments, schools, apartments and many other places. Use an Ethernet Cable and Check for Software Updates Connect your Apple TV to your router, cable, or DSL modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. Following that, make sure to check for any software updates. For Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, first of all, go to Settings and then System. Now select the Software Updates. However, in the case of Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), first of all, go to Settings and then General. After that, select Update Software. If you notice any new update, install it. Now, remove your Ethernet cable and connect with the Wi-Fi network. Extra and Quick Tips The techniques listed should solve the issues related to your Apple TV successfully. However, if not, here are some quick tips you can follow to resolve this issue of the inability of Wi-Fi to connect with Apple TV. Check for any profound interference in the particular area in which you are using your TV. Use any other Wifi if you notice that the Wifi is connected but you can’t come online. A service outrage can be a cause of it. Thus, call your cable operator and the Internet provider to get help. See whether your router works with the Apple TV. You can also seek help from your manufacturer to update a non-Apple router. Change the location, to connect the Wi-Fi network successfully. However, if the Apple TV connects without any issue but the problem still persists, it might be your Wi-Fi network creating the whole mess. Call Us For Professional Assistance Apple has been delivering exceptional and notable products to its customers lately and without any doubt, Apple TV is one of them. However, there have been complaints regarding the connectivity of Wi-Fi with it. If the problems persist even after following the methods listed above, you can seek our assistance without any nuisance. Let us know in the comments, whether the methods above were helpful for you or not. If you liked this article, don't forget to share it.